Kai Kaniuth (ed.)
Karacamirli – Tepe 5.
A multi-period necropolis in Western Azerbaijan.

Münchener Abhandlungen zum Alten Orient — Band 6

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With contributions by Andrei Asăndulesei, Florian Becker, Jörg W.E. Fassbinder, Andrea Göhring, Martin Gruber, Gisela Grupe, Stefan Hölzl, Michael Joachimski, Christoph Mayr and Michaela Schauer

The 6th volume of the MAAO series details the results of two seasons of excavation carried out on Karacamirli Tepe 5, a small hill near the south- ern bank of the river Kura in Shamkir District, Azerbaijan. The site was first occupied in the 5th millennium BC, from which several pits containing pottery and obsidian could be studied. After the mid-2nd mill. BC, Tepe 5 saw repeated use as a place of burial. Altogether 46 graves, starting with the Late Bronze / Early Iron Age, continuing with interments from Late Antiquity and concluding with the 14th cent. AD, were documented. Their archaeological discussion forms the core of the volume. A series of 21 ra- diocarbon dates, an anthropological study including isotope data, as well as a comprehensive programme of chemical analysis (with portable XRF) targeting obsidian, ceramic and metal finds contribute to produce one of the most fine-grained sets of burial data available from the Southern Caucasus.